Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Four of us met at Dunn's last weekend. Bonko brought a paraglider and a HG. Ed Brashier (one of the founders of our new site and AHGA oldtimer) and new pilot David Howard both did sleds. I showed up just to work on launch thinking it wouldn't be soarable..........which it was the whole time I was making launch safe to launch. (It had grown up too much right in front.) The minute I had it clear to launch the wind subsided to about 4-8 and stayed there. The launch has improved recently due to more work and is very launchable right now in 5-15 mph winds. Remember this is the same ridge we've been flying since 1981...........just a new launch instead of Walkers Gap. The ridge is about 10 miles long and from 550-650 agl. Longest flight to date is about 105 miles to Tennessee. Let's go flying soon ......prefered winds from 160-185 degrees at about 10 + mph. Philip Dabney

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recent Flights from King/Dunn site

Jeff Wilson on Saturday(Click on photos to enlarge)
Miller Stroud on Saturday
Last weekend was soarable as was yesterday and apparently today. Sunday was the big day with Memphis pilot Miller Stroud flying 105.5 miles to somewhere in Tennessee. James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Marshall Nichols, Kevin Gross,Jeff Wilson ,Ed Brashier, Keith Nunnally, Philip Dabney, John Furman, Mark Fink and the Memphis gang were all here. Yesterday was great as well although the gains were in the 1200' range compared with 4000'+ on Sunday. Miller reportedly gained 7 grand during his flight to Tennessee in his Atos. Soon we will have two launches.........the present one which faces 170 degrees and a new one which should be about 140-150 degrees.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Alabama Hang Gliding Association has a new site located near Walker's gap. Same ridge but new wide open launch area. This launch faces about 165-170 degrees. Only a few flights have been made so far and it seems to have great potential. Our club had it's first meeting in ages recently at La Cocina restaurant just like many years ago. We had about sixteen pilots there along with families. Dan Shell even came down from Henson's with the family to attend along with Dick Heckman, former President of the USHGA from Huntsville. This meeting was called by Jeff Wilson, an old timer who has resurfaced and is responsible along with Eddie Brashier for our new site. They dealt with the landowners and cleared the site to a flyable state by themselves and a friend. Since then we have done more clearing and there is more to go. James Anderson came up last weekend along with a pilot from Memphis named Jeff(forgot last name) and a pilot from Louisiana named Rickert. Mark Fink flew his PG from there and top landed one day. Jeff Wilson has had the best flight so far..........but that won't last long.Hopefuly Jeff will post pics of his flight soon. Philip