Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Alabama Hang Gliding Association has a new site located near Walker's gap. Same ridge but new wide open launch area. This launch faces about 165-170 degrees. Only a few flights have been made so far and it seems to have great potential. Our club had it's first meeting in ages recently at La Cocina restaurant just like many years ago. We had about sixteen pilots there along with families. Dan Shell even came down from Henson's with the family to attend along with Dick Heckman, former President of the USHGA from Huntsville. This meeting was called by Jeff Wilson, an old timer who has resurfaced and is responsible along with Eddie Brashier for our new site. They dealt with the landowners and cleared the site to a flyable state by themselves and a friend. Since then we have done more clearing and there is more to go. James Anderson came up last weekend along with a pilot from Memphis named Jeff(forgot last name) and a pilot from Louisiana named Rickert. Mark Fink flew his PG from there and top landed one day. Jeff Wilson has had the best flight so far..........but that won't last long.Hopefuly Jeff will post pics of his flight soon. Philip

Friday, March 28, 2008

Walkers Gap hang gliding site closed after 27 years. For sale

The Walkers Gap hang gliding site in central Alabama is closed and up for sale. The asking price is $50,000 for 5 acres on top of Blount Mountain. This site has been the heart of Alabama hang gliding since 1981. Our club can't afford this wonderful site. It faces SSE and is 600' agl. There have been several flights over 50 miles from this top landable grassy hill hang 2 launch. However there is still good news.......we have been given permission to build a new site next door in the near future. The new site looks to be good for para and hang pilots with more than ample top landing . This will require bull dozer work to sculpt a new slope launch and many volunteers with chain saws. Meanwhile we still have Jenkins to fly. We still need volunteers to help launch us at Jenkins on good days. Anyone interested in helping launch gliders and watching our beautiful sport atop Chandler Mountain near Horse Pens 40 please contact me at 1-205-467-2905 or email at moyesman@alltel.net. Philip Dabney