Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Four of us met at Dunn's last weekend. Bonko brought a paraglider and a HG. Ed Brashier (one of the founders of our new site and AHGA oldtimer) and new pilot David Howard both did sleds. I showed up just to work on launch thinking it wouldn't be soarable..........which it was the whole time I was making launch safe to launch. (It had grown up too much right in front.) The minute I had it clear to launch the wind subsided to about 4-8 and stayed there. The launch has improved recently due to more work and is very launchable right now in 5-15 mph winds. Remember this is the same ridge we've been flying since 1981...........just a new launch instead of Walkers Gap. The ridge is about 10 miles long and from 550-650 agl. Longest flight to date is about 105 miles to Tennessee. Let's go flying soon ......prefered winds from 160-185 degrees at about 10 + mph. Philip Dabney

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